-Mike Amaro 

I live in the Historic District. I have known Ian for a number of years. Ian is someone you can count on to do what he says he’s going to do. He’s an engaged listener and always provides thoughtful feedback. I trust these traits will serve the community well if he is elected to the City Council.

-Nicki Anderson 

-Mark Baleskie 

I teach science in Naperville. I know Ian through a discussion group focused on philosophy and current events, and we have a shared interest in environmental issues. I support him because he considers all angles when making important decisions, and I know that he will also do so as a member of the Naperville City Council.

-Tim Banas

-Meg Boyle Landek

Being “smart” doesn’t automatically make a person a leader. Rather, good leadership comes from a person’s understanding and personal connection to a place. I have repeatedly watched Ian’s non-stop learning from his work on the NCTV Board to his active Chamber of Commerce leadership. He is always working to build a concensus to move in the right direction. He is a true Naperville leader. That is why we need his voice on the City Council. We need him for us.

-Hunter Byington

-Jim Calvo

I live on Prairie Ave. just outside of downtown Naperville. I met Ian through the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. Ian’s practical and measured leadership of the Chamber through the pandemic has made a strong impression on me as a young attorney. I look forward to assisting Ian as he works to better our community.

-Jimmy Calvo

-Chuck Corrigan

I live near Gartner Park. I know Ian through our local elementary school, where our daughters are close friends. As a fellow veteran, I know the high level of commitment and dedication Ian has to serving his community.

-Erin Crofford

-Danielle Dahn

We live in Hobson West near Ian’s family. We interact with him frequently at Elmwood Elementary school activities and park district sporting events. We appreciate Ian’s commitment to both family and community. We support him because we feel he is committed to the Naperville community.

-Jeff & Deborah Danborn

-Mike Drabant

I live in the Gartner Park area. I know Ian and his family through youth soccer. We’ve become good friends and even vacation together. Ian and his family are good people who love our community.

-Jose Duran

-Peggy Frank  

We live in Hobson West. We have gotten to know Ian and his family through our local schools and other community events. We have always admired Ian’s compassionate and collaborative leadership skills as well as his dedication to serving and uniting the voices of the community.

-Justin & Katharine Furby

-Laura Gaskill

I live in Saybrook. Ian and I met in September to discuss his decision to run for City Council, and our conversation covered the pandemic’s effect on our city. I believe Ian Holzhauer will work for the public health and safety of our citizens as well as for our businesses. If our city officials encourage residents and businesses to adopt and consistently use the best practices advocated by science and health officials, public health will be restored, and a return to wealth for local businesses will follow. I’m pleased to support Ian Holzhauer in his campaign for a seat on the Naperville City Council.

-Bev George

-Dr. Laura Giancola 

I live in Huntington Hill. This summer, I asked to meet with Ian Holzhauer because I would like to go to law school in the future, and I wanted to gain some insight into being a lawyer. I support him because his actions speak for the values Naperville that was founded upon.

-Maddie Hausmann

-Sherry Healey

Like Ian, I was born and raised in Naperville and now practice law and raise my family here. Ian is a thoughtful individual committed to both his family and his city. I cannot think of a better person for the Naperville City Council.

-Andrew Heap

-Harley Jones 

I live in Maplebrook II. I’ve known Ian for about five years through, First Congregational Church of Naperville, where he is a dedicated member and volunteer. I fully support his candidacy because I have seen firsthand his ability to lead others who don’t always agree and because he is so committed to our community.

-Becky Klein-Collins

-Kevin Kobe 

I live in Hobson West. I met Ian several years ago when he was the Food Chairman for the Naperville Jaycees Last Fling. His excellent leadership skills enabled us to have a very successful event.

-Jane Koehn

-Rex Koehn

I am a lifelong Naperville resident. I currently live in Green Trails and am a local attorney and an active member of the Naperville Jaycees and the NACC. I have been able to get to know Ian through the legal community and through various community organizations such as the Naperville Jaycees, NCTV-17, and the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. Ian has been an excellent leader in our community throughout the years and has always been committed to making our community a great place to live.

-McKenzie Kuhn 

-Lindsay Kundrick

I have lived in Park district, north of 5th Ave Station, for over 30 years. I first knew Ian as a student at NNHS, and now I know him as a principled, diligent lawyer. He is responsible and enthusiastic, and he was one of the best students in my most difficult class.

-Holly Lee

-Alan Leis

I live in Naperville. I know Ian through the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. I support Ian because he is a dedicated parent and volunteer within the community who is determined to keep Naperville a great place to work and to raise a family.

-Rebecca Malotke-Meslin

-Mary Manthei

I live near Naperville Central. I first met Ian working at the Jaycees food tent at the Last Fling. His leadership and decision-making skills were clearly demonstrated during the Last Fling.

-Jim Manthei 

-Leah Margulies

I’ve lived on Naperville’s southwest side for over seven years. I’m the founder and moderator of the Facebook group ‘Neighborly Naperville,’ which is where I first encountered Ian. In the short time that I’ve known him, I’ve been very impressed by his commitment to Naperville and its residents and by the respect he has earned from seasoned community leaders. I was pleasantly surprised to find how warm and approachable he is despite his many well-deserved accolades and his very impressive resume. I know that he, as an involved father of four, would do a good job representing families with young children like mine. I’m honored to support his run for City Council.

-Ellie Martin

-Melissa McGee

I live in the Will-O-Way neighborhood. I know Ian both professionally and personally through his extensive volunteer work with the Naperville Jaycees. I am always so impressed by his positive attitude and helpful nature. I support Ian because he represents all the good things about Naperville.

-Lauren McLaughlin

-Elisa Niesen 

I’m a District 203 teacher, and just like Ian, an Elmwood parent. My whole family has worked with Ian and knows him. He enthusiastically seeks opportunities to keep Naperville a place where we can be proud to raise our families. This is one of the reasons I believe in and support Ian.

-Catie O’Boyle

-Drew Powers 

I am Carol Pradel, and I am supporting Ian for City Council. I have lived in Naperville my whole life, and my dad was mayor of this beautiful city for 20 years. I know what it takes to work as a team and to listen to citizens’ concerns whether they are big or small. Ian has served his country, and I believe that he would do an outstanding job of serving the citizens of our community.

-Carol Pradel

-Kevin Prchal 

I live in West Highlands. Ian’s children go to the same elementary school as my children, and he has always been a big supporter of our school and local community. He is always involved in volunteer organizations and projects and incredibly kind to everyone he meets. I can’t think of a better fit for Naperville City Council. We would be lucky to have him serve our community!

-Marcie Robinson

-Catherine Ross

I live in Naperville’s Historic District. I’ve known Ian through the Chamber of Commerce YPN Board and through Naperville Wrestling Club. I support Ian because he is knowledgeable within his industry, a trusted member of the community, and a great supporter of Naperville residents.

-Jake Sandborn

-Trish Schacht

As a small business owner in Naperville, it is critical to be part of a network of other businesses that do outstanding work while showing care and compassion for the clients you serve. Ian has worked alongside me to put plans in place for dozens of families, including my own, to protect their financial future. I support Ian because he has a track record as a solid business man; he produces extremely high quality work; his integrity is impeccable; and, most of all, he has shown me that he really cares about our community through the work he does professionally as well as through the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce.

-Curt Stowers 

-Ashfaq Syed

As Chairman of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, Ian has demonstrated a renewed interest in the work and value of nonprofit members. He fosters an appreciation for the essential work they do to improve the quality of life in our city. Ian understands that, from health and safety to culture and education, our local nonprofits are there.

-Rena Tamayo-Calabrese

-Katie VanDeusen

I live in the East Highlands subdivision. Ian grew up in this neighborhood and took violin lessons with me throughout most of his childhood. I volunteer with Community Access Naperville, a non-profit organization that provides vocational and recreational programming for people with developmental disabilities, and Ian has been working with us to increase our organization’s visibility in the Naperville area. I support Ian because he has always been a thoughtful and caring person who wants to serve others.

-Vivienne Venderley

-Matt Welge

When I had the privilege of being a judge for the Naperville Chamber’s Four Under Forty Award, I met Ian, which was shortly after he had gotten out of the military. At the interview, it was quickly apparent that Ian’s candid and honest approach to our questions set him apart as an individual who demonstrated the characteristics we were looking for, in addition to the numerous examples of his community leadership, business acumen, and passion for his family. He obviously became one of our award recipients. It is a joy knowing that Ian is continuing to use his gifts to serve Naperville!

-IdaLynn Wennhold

Seeing Ian actively engaged in the community makes me feel great about the future leadership of Naperville. Ian is bright, selfless, and a great connector. Naperville would be well served by electing Ian to the Naperville City Council.

-Alice Wood

-Dan Zeman

-Tom Belgio

Ian was one of the first people we met when we moved from Chicago to Naperville in 2019. He welcomed us to the area, and his love and pride for Naperville was evident. Naperville would be lucky to have such a hardworking and dedicated council member.

-Chuck and Geraldine Brewster

-Shoshana Frank

I know Ian through our military service together in Guam, where we served as the Andersen AFB Area Defense Counsel team for two years. I support him because he is a strong leader with an unmatched work ethic.

-Bryan Hawk

-Emily Ory

As a newly-minted, young physician, I moved to a house in downtown Naperville in the first week of January. Then, as we all know, 2020 happened! These were challenging times both professionally and personally. Not knowing anyone around here, I reached out to Ian via social media asking him for guidance on various fronts, including how to contribute to the city. He is easily approachable and guided me with his knowledge of Naperville. Most of all, he is humble and always willing to help. These are signs of a good leader! I support him because he is both a young, dynamic leader and a wise, experienced, and knowledgeable leader all at once.

-Dr. Sudhakar Shenoy

-Rosemary Spann

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