Finding Solutions

I will listen to different perspectives and bring people together. I will use City Council time to conduct relevant city business, not to engage in political posturing.

Leading by Example

In the seven years I served as a uniformed attorney in the Air Force J.A.G. Corps, I learned the importance of leading by example. As your public servant, I will listen to different perspectives and bring people together, because I believe in the essential spirit of the Naperville community. This is my home, and it is the community I love.

Use of military rank, job titles, and photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Air Force or the Department of Defense.

My Promise to the Community

At the core, we all want the best for our community. I believe that understanding a variety of viewpoints is valuable for any person, especially an elected official. As a City Council Member, I promise to:

Hear all viewpoints

Listen to the facts before making a decision

Practice civility—within the Council, on social media, and with our citizens

Host monthly town hall conversations

Get Involved

Make a difference in the Naperville Community – Help get Ian Elected.


Protect Our Economy

Naperville’s working class residents and small business owners are at risk. We need to protect them from the dual threats of decreased affordability and increased use taxes.

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Naperville is for Families

Naperville is consistently rated the best place in America to raise a family, in part for the value we place on our environment. Our electric utility should transition away from coal, to renewable energy by 2035.

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